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Center for Dementia

Center for Dementia

The goal of the center is to improve the life quality of dementia patients, families and general citizens by providing a systematic 「Integrated Dementia Management Service」 of dementia prevention, early diagnosis·management, and health·welfare resource connection as well as to contribute to reduction of social costs severe dementia by preventing worsening of dementia


  • Gangdong-gu residents aged 60 or over, dementia patients and their family


  • Early Dementia Screening
    • Target: Senior citizens ages 60 and above (ID required)
    • Location: Gangdong-gu Center for Dementia
    • Details: Special dementia screening, 1st/2nd detailed examination, causal diagnosis test
    • Cost
      • Dementia screening, 1st/2nd detailed examination: Free of charge
      • Causal diagnosis test: Fees charged for inpatients
      • ※However, 80,000 KRW/person is supported for a person with less than 120% of median income as of 2018 (one time only)
  • Registration Management Service
    Classified into normal, high-risk, and dementia according to the screening result
    • Visiting nurse care, aid goods support (diaper, waterproof apron, etc.)
    • Cognition Health Center, Memory Training School (Shelter)
    • Wandering prevention service (wandering identification tag, GPS, advanced fingerprint registration, wandering prevention bracelet)
    • Operating dementia family gathering and family cafe
  • Dementia treatment expense support
    • Target: Dementia patients of the low-income group (less than 120% of median income)
    • Supported amount: Within the limit of 30,000 KRW/month (360,000 KRW yearly)
  • Dementia prevention and awareness improvement project
    • Conducting educational and promotional programs
    • Memory Day campaign, media campaign
    • Gathering memory friends
  • Regional resource strengthening for dementia
    • Personalized case management
    • Public guardianship project for the elderly with dementia
    • Gathering and operating expert volunteers for dementia

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