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Center for Children’s Foodservice Management

Center for Children’s Foodservice Management

Supporting nutrition and sanitation management for children’s foodservice facilities of less than 100 persons without an obligation to hire a nutritionist

Target of Support

  • Children’s foodservice facilities under the jurisdiction with less than 100 persons without an obligation to hire a nutritionist (day care center, kindergarten, other child welfare facilities)

Details of Support

  • Consulting for children’s foodservice facilities
    • Provide consulting service for foodservice facilities on foodservice operation, sanitation safety management including purchase/production/task/facility management, and nutrition management including menu arrangement and food distribution.
  • Visiting nutrition guidance
    • Managing adequate amount of food and snacks, recommending standardized recipes, salinity control, and taste management
    • Inducing reduced frequency of providing fast foods, providing information on menu, etc.
  • Visiting sanitation guidance
    • Purchase and storage of ingredients, sanitation management by cooking process, personal sanitation management, sanitation management of facilities and equipment, safety management, etc.
  • Education by target
    • Visiting and assembly education for children, cooks, director of center, teachers, and parents
  • Provision of information
    • Providing educational materials, menus, recipes, newsletters, information magazines, etc.

How to apply

    1. A foodservice facility for children that wishes to register should fill out and submit the application form provided on the website of Gangdong-gu Center for Children's Foodservice Management.
    2. Registration status is decided based on the number of persons provided with food, necessity of sanitation/safety/nutrition support, etc.
    3. Registration certificate of Children's Foodservice Management Support Center will be issued for the accepted facility within 14 days from the registration date.
    4. Visit the newly registered facility and check the items on 'Children’s Foodservice Facility Status Questionnaire' to apply the results of the questionnaire to visiting guidance and education for improvement in the future.
    5. Visiting sanitation·safety guidance is conducted 4 or 6 times a year, visiting nutrition guidance is conducted 2 or 3 times a year, and visiting child education is conducted twice a year.

Additional information