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Vision & Goals

Vision & Goals





Gangdong District, serving as a “happy city” for everyone, everywhere
  • Promotion of equality in health
  • Prolonging the lifespan of community
  • Improving the standard of living
  • Creating a health &
    safety network through
    bolstered public
    clinic services

  • Bolstering local clinic
    services centered around
    preventive and control
    policy for disease

  • Establishing a local
    community-based health
    management system through
    joint networking & partnerships

    • Strengthening health & safety network for the underprivileged
    • Fortifying prevention & response to infectious disease
    • Enhancing timing of readied response to emergencies & disasters
    • Creating a safe health clinic by improving the overall environment for health
    • Managing comprehensive lifelong healthcare system for each stage of life
      • (Providing reliable services concerning from anti-smoking, reducing alcohol consumption, nutrition, obesity, physical activity, dementia, cerebrovascular disease, orthodontics, skin atopy, asthma & rehabilitation)
    • Promoting awareness for respecting life & establishing a mental healthcare system
    • Creating a healthcare system for local communities
    • Promoting a public-participatory healthcare climate