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Mental Health Welfare Center

Mental Health Welfare Center

Mental Health Welfare Center reaches out to people who are mentally ill, students who have difficulty in adjusting to school life, lonely and physically ill senior citizens, people suffering from various addictions, people undergoing psychotherapy, or people who need help after treatment. Mental Health Welfare Center will provide systematic and professional help through a group of psychiatrists, doctors, and mental health professionals.

Date and location

  • Gangdong-gu residents
  • Mentally handicapped people and their families residing in Gangdong-gu


  • Serious Mental Illness Management Business
  • Alcohol Addiction Management Business
  • Child and Youth Mental Health Business
  • Depression and Suicide Prevention Business
  • Regional Community Environment Creation Business

How to use

  • Visit for counseling after making phone reservation
  • Operation hours : Monday – Friday (9am – 6pm)
  • Phone counseling (Tel: 02-471-3223) and visiting counseling are available

Additional information