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Director of Public
Health Center

    Health Administration
    Division업무소개 자세히

    Responsible for administrative tasks of the public health center including budgeting, accounting, human resources, service, and building maintenance

    • Health Planning Team
    • Civil Service Team
      • Public Service Center
    • Non-smoking Management Team
    • Public Health Center Branch Office Team

    Health and Sanitation
    Division업무소개 자세히

    Responsible for handling tasks related to restaurants, karaoke and bars, etc.

    Handling tasks related to public sanitation businesses of beauty/hair, accommodation, food manufacturing, etc.

    • Sanitation Planning Team
    • Sanitation Guidance Team
    • Food Safety Team
    • Infectious Disease Management Team
      • Tuberculosis Room

    Health Promotion
    Division업무소개 자세히

    Responsible for tasks related to health promotion, management of infectious diseases, epidemics prevention, home visiting health care, etc.

    • Family Health Team
      • Pregnant Mother and Infant Care Room
    • Health Life Team
      • Smoke-free Clinic
      • Nutrition Plus Room
    • Child and Youth Health Team
      • Children’s Health Land
    • Respect Life Team

    Health and Medical
    Treatment Division업무소개 자세히

    Guidance and management of illegal acts or drugs of medical / pharmaceutical businesses

    Promoting health care services for medically disadvantaged groups

    • Chronic Disease Management Team
      • Healthy 100-year Old Counseling Center
      • Health Management Center
    • Pharmaceutical Management Team
    • Elderly Health Team
      • Visiting Health Room
    • Examination Team
      • Radiology Room
      • Clinical Trial Room
      • Health Examination Room
    • Health Care Team
      • Dental/Oriental Medicine Clinic
      • Physical Therapy/Exercise Prescription Room
  • Gangil Health Center Branch Office

  • Center for Children’s Foodservice Management

  • Mental Health Welfare Center

  • Center for Dementia